Monday, 24 February 2014

2014 Reshaping Mode

Blessed New Year to all.  I do hope everyone's having a healthy start to the year!  it has been quite a unique and busy but fun year so far for myself. Our handsome and beautiful baby boy Eddie Jr is here by way of an unplanned cesarean section on the 16th of December.  We both had a rough start but we are both strong and healthy as each day goes by. Thank God .
It's been 2 months and mom, dad and baby are getting into a routine with feeding time,  play time, sleeping time, so now we are attempting to add a routine exercise time. Mom needs it. This is the heaviest and the biggest I've been and very much hesitant to post pictures but you got to start somewhere in order to achieve a goal. So here goes....
I've decided to join BSN12 weeks strong challenge beginning February 17. In this first phase of reshaping, my goal is to return to my normal per pregnancy weight and loose inches in the hips and waist. I don't mine my current bust measurements since I was always bearly an A cup size ha. Yes I'm bigger, yes it is going to be a great challenge but I can do this. My long term goal is to maintain a healthy weight and size and compete again.
Follow along my journey to reshaping into the best me. Pictures and exercise routines would be shared. Thank you for all the support.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

3rd Trimester Training - My journey

So I've done this post in October and forgot to share due to the videos not uploading.  However here it is for those who are interested.

 Here we go! I have been having a pretty good pregnancy so far. It has been such a learning experience for me in terms of the changes of my body. With such changes there were obvious modifications made to my training regimen. Believe me if I wasn't training I thing this process would have been a little more difficult.

1st and 2nd Trimester I was able to maintain a weight training splits of 5 days a week with 4-5 days cardio training, combined lasting 1hr to 1hr and 15 minutes.  An example of a week of weight training -
Day 1 Legs a
Day 2 Back and Biceps
Day 3 Shoulder, Chest and Triceps
Day 4 Legs b
Day 5 Shoulder and Abs

Training on mornings have been very comfortable for me and apparently for the baby too - for each doctor's visit I was constantly reminded how active he was!

As the months roll by my training decreased. At the start of my 7th month I reduced my training to 3-4 days a week. My weight training consist of more Giant sets or Circuit Training and Full body Training. This first video I am sharing is an idea of a 'light day' body training program I created.
It consist of the following exercises:

TRX Rows
BOSU Ball Push Ups
BOSU Ball Plank - 30 seconds hold
Kettle Bell Swings
Reverse Lunges
Mountain Climbers

I will normally do 3 rounds of the above exercises at a repetition range of 12-20.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013




2013 is in its final Quarter and here I am! Miss me? Well this little Mrs. been busy to say the least. I migrated to the US, finally with my family here in Indiana. I've missed them so much and being with my hubby and daughter has been a learning experience. A matter of fact I'm still learning and getting use to the family life. I must admit I miss my mom and dad a whole lot ....

Took part in the Amateur Arnold's Classic at the end of February beginning of March and placed 5th in my class! Yeah! The experience was one in a lifetime to be on an International stage and to be one of the top 5 in the world of Amateur IFBB Body Figure Athletes. I must thank all my family, Team Bombshell, sponsors, IFBB, and my friends around the world - without you guys this would not have been as meaningful. Thank you guys!!

Following my competition I landed a job at the infamous Gold's Gym in Indianapolis! I've been working in the field I love - Fitness!! and encouraging others to achieve a healthier lifestyle by incorporating fitness activities regularly in their daily life.

I'm not planning to compete any time soon because my hubby and I are growing our family :)))) yeah!!! A Miracle is on its way. This wonderful life changing event has so far been an interesting one to say the least. I've had the opportunity to maintain training however as the trimesters changed so did my training.  On the home stretch - 3rd trimester and I could not resist sharing with you guys some of my training techniques which have resulted in fewer body pains, particularly my lower back, minimal tiredness and overall all round feeling better and maintaining health of my baby and I.

So stay tune some training tips to come for all those expecting moms out there.

Stay bless all!!

Friday, 28 December 2012

2013...Determine, Love Life, Win...

Hi All...What a year 2012 has been!!!

Looking back at this year, it has been such a great journey so far in my quest to become a Professional Body Fitness Athlete. At the end of my 2011 competition season I decided I wanted to continue training and working on my physique to be ahead of the game come 2012 season.  Hence I continued with my training well into April of this year. However during this time I contemplated on acquiring an international coach to give me that edge on international competition.  That was the best decision ever :) With the support of my wonderful Team Bombshell coaches and sistas competition prep has become such a fun and focused activity that I am loving it even more! And there are some wonderful benefits...WINNING!! I was able to cap the Overall Female Fitness at the Gustavo Badell Classic International last August in Santo Domingo!!! Such a great feeling.

 2012 was certainly not without other great experiences such as Outdoor and Gym Photo Shoots with Clayton Andre-Smith in March and October, another great Outdoor Shoot with Luis Young in March and December, Runway modeling for San Fernando Fashion Week in June, impromptu competing at Sports World Classic Invitational in July and instructing group exercise classes to some wonder seniors  and other persons of T&T during the last ten months.

I can't thank enough all my continued support. T&T family: My Parents, BodyGlow, Bobby Campbell, Noel Bowen, Keith Chin, Ian Adams, Lawrence "The Beast" Marshall,  TTBBF, Lee Beatrice and wife of CLX Gym, Nigel & Lorraine Goring, Geeta Ramsumir, Kerry Springer. My International family: My hubby Eddie Bailey, American Muscle Supply Inc., Momma Bombshell, Coach Genn and Team Bombshell sistas, Shay from Socially Fit, Italian bro John, Sis Ceca. There are many many more and you all ROCK!!!!

With just a few days away from 2013, I am determine to continue loving my supporters and new supporters, staying motivated to compete at my best and Win, Win, Win!! Always beat my last competition look that's my goal!!! Another major goal is to enter new projects in encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle. Pro card you are not forgotten lol! I'm looking for you in 2013! You would see me coming!!

With that said "Dream Big...Achieve Bigger" continues!!!  All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Water Anyone?

As week 2 in Training progresses, I'm reminded that WATER is an essential tool in reshaping the best me! There are many articles written on the benefits of drinking water to one's health and one article in particular written by Megan C, Oct 11, 2010 What are the Health Benefits of Water Consumption   pretty much sums up the benefits of water consumption.

To summarize the article Megan C. suggests that water consumption can:
  1. [Increase] Kidney Function
  2. [Promote] Skin Health
  3. Enhances Exercise 
  4. Aids Digestion
  5. [Promote] Joint Lubrication

I could not agree more to these 5 factors and can testify that with an increase in high impact cardiovascular exercises, intense weight training and consumption of 5-6 balanced meals in a day the need to consume water has increased. On average I consume 1 gallon of water per day. However with the increase humidity these days I may find myself consuming closer to 1 1/2 gallons of water!

Is that the amount of water you should be drinking? The answer is it depends.... You must consider all factors when coming up with the amount of water you should consume.  Your body needs water, however ones water needs may vary per day based on physical activity, the weather, and even your current health condition such as if you are pregnant, nursing a child or even if you may have the flu.

As a Personal Trainer I would recommend an average of 2.5 liter of water  for persons who may have added 3 days of 20 minutes of physical activity/exercise (as recommended by ACSM), and living in a very hot climate. Added to water other fluids such as unsweetened teas, fresh juices and coffee can be added to one's  fluid consumption. But like everything else in moderation.

So drink up people! Water is necessary for the whole body! Don't hesitate to get it in!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Beginnings 2013 here I come!

With a new week ahead there are new challenges to face head on! However this week marks Wk 1 of  a new year in competition preparation for me! You may ask what competition? And my answer... competing to be the best me!

I always say one has to be"Ready to Act when called upon" and I am committed to be able to just that.
This brings to mind my favorite quote by Mark Twain -
                  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. 
The secret of getting started is 
breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks
 and then starting on the first one.”

You want to get ahead in the game of life you got to prepare a strategy to succeed. Being a Figure Athlete is my way of life and my organization. And an organization can't stand alone to be successful in the field of business. Some very key partners therefore and needed in the way forward, and BodyGlow Trinidad and American Muscle Supply Inc. are just two of the major partners in this organization! These two organizations have already played a huge role in Michelle the athlete reach winning form in my last competition in August and I am grateful for their continued support in my way forward thus far!

Going forward is a great step to your goal. Going forward by faith and with a positive will also encourages the steps to be strong. With my wonderful and well versed coaches Shannon and Genn as well as supportive Teambombshell sistas this year's prep will be fabulous to say the least!!!!

New training program in hand, a visit to the best supplement providers in Trinidad BodyGlow Trinidad to stock up on essentials such as Macro Greens, Liquid Aminos, Glutamine, Joint Support Formula, Hard Whey (the best protein formula around by Chatotic-Labz) and the continued support of God, my family and friends Michelle begins 2012-2013 competition year!!!

As the year progresses I will update you on my way forward with pics, nutrition/supplementation picks as well as training updates. In addition I look forward to increasing my pool of partners in my business so you will see me out there marketing Michelle!!! Thank you so much for all your support! let's rock this!!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

“Dream Big…Achieve Bigger”

Oh my what a Marvelous Year it has continue to be for me!  As my post title says "Dream Big...Achieve Bigger" .... you want your goals you can achieve them in God's timing! With prep to September's Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Championships and my goal to Win my Professional Status at this particular Championships, God had an even better plan for me! I wish to announce that 8 weeks out of CAC Championships I Won my Professional Status at the Gustavo Badell Classic International held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!!!! Winning the Short Class and the Overall Body Fitness at this Qualifier Event has been such a surreal but humbling experience! And attending this championships was not even in my set planned competitions to attending. But as faith had it, God placed the right people at the right time for my dream to materialized!

I am so grateful for All the persons who played an integral role in getting me to the Championships. Namely:
My Parents Michael and Theresa Lewis
Hubby Eddie Bailey
Susanna Hadad and Perry Jerome of  Trinidad and Tobago Body Builders' Federation
Momma B Shannon and Gennifer of Team Bombshell
Anton & Renee Mohammed of Body Glow
Frank Diaz American Muscle Supply Inc
Noel Bowen
Robert Campbell 
Shanie Chambers, Karen De Gannes, Bannie Hui, Moms Janella Frank Duane and Ursula Moses - San Francisco Crew
Lori Fortenberry
John Baumann (Italy bro) and Ceca (Serbia sis)
Keri Springer, Nigel and Lorraine Goring - Club Savannah Crew
Lawrence 'The Beast' Marshall of Bio Fitness
Six Twelve Magazine and Socially Fit, Hersh Levy/Calendar Girls Natural Beauties
Tamika Powder (sis), Romona Morgan (cus) Geeta, Ms. Peters, Monica....

The list can go on an on but I just want all to know how thankful and grateful I am in you all playing a part in my journey and attaining my dream!!!!!

Next up I'm thinking Big.... International Stage HERE I COME!!! May God open up and lead me forward to great and wonderful things!